Hartung GmbH - Steel construction from Thuringia

The Hartung GmbH is a steel, pipeline, plant and hall construction company in Thuringia (Germany). Our head office is situated in Unterwellenborn near Saalfeld. Because of our offices in Naumburg and Berlin we are also beyond Thuringia your counterpart in the field of steel construction. We do the assembly in whole Germany, the European neighbouring countries and also in the non-European foreign countries.

Basic information:

Hall area: 2000m²
Storage area: 6000m²
Assembly area: 1600m²

Crane capacity (max. component weight): 20t
Max. component size: 15 x 80 x 4 m
Workshop capacity: 200t/month

Staff in total (effective 2016): 55

Through the combination of our service areas, for example between hall and pipeline construction, we achieve a high degree of efficiency. Due to our in-house design and production, we can perform tasks quickly, flexible and with high quality. From design through to the assembly we can take over the complete responsibility for complex projects with individual components, even in close cooperation with other companies.

If requested, we can dismantle dilapidated installations, work on strained components with wear and tear signs and carry out the task of sanitation and modernisation. Through a high degree of pre-fabrication we always implement projects with a high quality awareness and short installation time.

Hartung GmbH ist your flexible and reliable partner for steel and plant construction from Thuringia!