Company history

August 1992 - The formation

On the 2nd of August in 1992 the foundation of our successful company history was laid: On the premises of the former Maxhütte Frank Hartung incorporated the Hartung Metallbau GbR, which changed into Hartung GmbH later on. With the simplest resources and only six industrial employees at first, manufacturing took place in a double garage and open air. But soon the available space was insufficient.


October 1996 - Moving to a new company building

Because of increasing and more complex orders we moved into a new built manufacturing site in the year 1996. Next to workshop and production area we disposed of a modern office building as well as a huge storage area now. In the course of this spatial changement the number of employees has been extended continuously.


2008/09 - Addition of another storey office building

In the wintermonths of 2008/09 we extended our office building, among others to have space for our own construction office, in which we process your comprehensive orders with the up to date 3D-CAD technology (Autodesk Advance Steel). Furthermore a new office for the quality assurance as well as a modern meeting room emerged here.


2011 - Frank Hartung becomes "Unternehmer des Jahres"

The very special entrepreneurial activity of our managing partner Frank Hartung was honoured by the Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft (BVMW) with the award "Unternehmer des Jahres" in the administrative district Saalfeld-Rudolstadt in 2011.This award also appreciates the social engagement of Hartung GmbH, which constructed a new building for the Diakoniestiftung Weimar Bad Lobenstein in the amount of 1.2 million Euro.


And the success story goes on

Currently Hartung GmbH occupies more than 50 employees. Several buildings in the outdoor area as well as the renovation of the outdoor storage area required further investments.
To be even supraregional your direct contact partner, we operate an engineering office in Naumburg (since 04/2006) and a further one in Berlin (since 02/2013). Numerous customers in Germany and foreign countries trust our competence.

Our website delivers you an overview about our range of services as well as about current and realised projects.