Privacy policy

We take the protection of your personal data seriously. The collection of personal data on this site is limited to the amount which is technically or practically necessary.
The following policy explains, how data is protected:

1. Responsible unit

Responsible for collection and protection of data on this website is:
Hartung GmbH, Maxhüttenstr. 2, 07333 Unterwellenborn, Germany
Further Information can be found at the legal notes on this website.
Data is processed by us according to the legal provisions valid for Germany.

2. Purpose

The intention of this website is public information about the company and its products and services. The section "Career" is meant for information of potential applicants.

3. Collected data

a) Automatic logging for system and statistical reasons
Within server- and system-logfiles the following information is automatically collected:

  • requested files
  • amount of data
  • type and version of browser
  • operating system
  • referrer URLhost name of the requesting client
  • time of request

Data collected in this way is anonymous. A connection of this data with other sources is not possible. Data will be collected and evaluated automatically and will be deleted afterwards.

b) Information submitted by you

Information you submit on this website, such as forms, fields and emails, will be saved by Hartung GmbH.

If you do submit information, for example by email, that includes your name or personal information, this information may be saved by Hartung GmbH.
Data submitted this way will be forwarded to a responsible person within the company. No information will be given to people outside our company, if not expressly agreed otherwise.

c) Information submitted by you for the reason of application

If you submit personal data in the context of an application, this information will only be used for processing your application. After finishing the application procedure, information will be deleted. Only responsible persons within our company will be involved. No information will be given to persons outside our company.

4. Cookies

For technical reasons we may use so called „Cookies“. These are small pieces of data stored in the user's  web browser. Cookies are safe to use and are usually deleted after your browser session.

In most cases we only use „session cookies". These are used to provide certain technological features or functionality. They can also be used to save settings like language or display options. Session cookies are deleted after your browser session.

We also use a special cookie for the „cookie consent window“. If you agree with the use of cookies, we save this information in a cookie.  This cookie is also deleted after  the end of the session. To revoke your consent you might simply close your browser and open it again.

Some of our pages contain embedded Youtube-Videos. These pages will deliver third-party cookies, especially cookies from Youtube/Google. Google's Cookies are used to measure your web usage and may also contain unique identifiers. They may also be used for interaction with other Google services.

Google's privacy policy can be found here:

If you would like to delete cookies or prevent cookies to be saved on your system, please adjust the settings of your web browser. Instructions can be found here:


Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:



5. Right to be informed

As a user of this website, we will inform you on request about the personal data saved. Information may be sent electronically, for example by email. Please note that it is necessary to provide us with a proof of identity before we can send out any information.